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Being required however will be assumptions affect the pace to funding that is the rate at which contributions will be paid they do not affect the actual cost of providing the benefits which will instead depend on what happens in practice the assumptions chosen for the valuation will therefore help determine how quickly the benefits a plateful but not the actual long-term cost to the benefits when the plan actually present results if his calculations to the trustee she will show the results.

Range of assumption son the one hand the employer will consider other business needs for example capital expenditure or dividends and might therefore prefer lower contributions other things being equal this might mean a basis of assumptions close to the actress best estimate the future experience with few margins to Britain’s on the other hand the trustees would like members benefit security to be as high as possible this may mean sitting more prudent the last page she there’s opportunity to tissue results.

it’s a different Donna net complete the exercise and say this is a very useful exercise you’ll bemoaning to use number different situations it’s not a simple model that can make you a lot of money in the underdevelopment you wanna go the full deal and get something like the state must model which cost considerably more billion Littleness defines exercise useful and for those views do you take the extra travel to build right mod eland all sit resistance neoplasm questions you’ll find very satisfying in terms as how will equip you for your profession hello I’m done he Gilding and I’m going to be talking about actuarial valuations the Periodic Review the financial health the defined benefit pension plans under the Comprehensions.

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Short-term long-term typically mature greater than one your short-term less than one year sometimes called unfunded TED mos that now their names for debt securities are bonds debentures which are unsecured bonds and notes which are typically short-term debt you hear the term note being used on a short-term debt payments on bond so you’re entitled if you hold a bond to receive a principal at maturity plus regular interest payments the coupon from a financial statement viewpoint the coupon or interesting payment.

Is shown under interest expense on the income statement and the total debt that’s issued like that million by issuance by Coleman corporation is shown on the balance sheet under long-vulnerabilities to corporate finance welcome to introduction corporate finance session number eight on stock valuation I’m Greg pierce your finance coach and we’re going to talk about how do we value a stock we know now how to value bonds and what are some of the general models generic models for valuing stocks the general case you’re in just in general you’re going to see that stocks are much more difficult to value the bonds are several models.

We don’t know a lot about the stock as much as we do about the bond the bond we know the face values a thousand dollars and we know the required rate of return of all the bond sin the markets are a lot of bones in the bond world but in stocks we just don’t know if a company will pay a dividend when it will pay the dividend when it might begin to pay the dividend and how long David would continue so there are-we don’t know the stock price in the future to discount those back to today to get to start handling the stock price.

so when we’re going to go over several cases that will help us to value stocks are many many others that are a lot more complex these are very good general cases first of all the what I’m going to call the general stock valuation equation I’ll call it wildly fluctuating.

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Nothing is as a frustrating than knowing that your loan amount has reduced or the application has knocked down. It is because your valuation is too low. Investors have their properties valued periodically. Just to say that your value has gone up by $50,000, it is most known that lenders will let you borrow around some 80% of the value ($40,000) which you can use as a deposit for another property purchase. The value of the house property is revalued in order to finance the additional investments.

Always what is done under valuation is shunned against all odds created by the buyers’ preference. If unscientific and illogical factor what we call under the umbrella of mystical powers, then The size and the reason how the dwelling place operates including the size and location of the land is also one of the reasons how the valuation is primarily carried out. Also when the valuator come in, especially when he is of the lender, it is better to put an insider word across to industry experts on property valuations. This is to decide how the highest possible figures can be obtained. Even more than a price, even if the location or the favor ability of the place is higher, the borrower should not have any problems since the commercialization or the greenery is more preferred.

To the valuator of the buyer. Since the buyer is interested in the place devoid of the hustle and bustle of the city, silence is around, there is wellness in the place, it gives out positive vibes a factor that the valuator cannot measure but the buyer can feel, and then the property value.

waited this is extremely effective is if you’re willing to do it it typically takes years to do it so let me just to show you awake on the call has come cheerfullest goal here is to do it with its profitable and it’s effective understand it should of goal is not so much generate immediate business at this existing people this pipeline and move them into that type because now I have relationship and I’m he people strategically that they’re seeing it overwrote and over again so electrical marketing typically dadoes marketing release is for a support pipeline anything else.

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land cycles and sister the green growth Balalaika is singular arrangements and soul yet in the more drawn out term you tend to see this resigned as lower-level is to a great degree persuasive in truly deciding the way that lead and values go in the event that you see well and truly well i begin to expose what’s underneath with this couple openings recordings couple of presentations you can truly comprehend.

where the group and its association with land and where the genuine cell for Tunisia continuous you can likewise get an understanding into the white Atlantic is in the bigger economy in the operations of society so this is a critical point will return to it in different courses welcome to the property lounge chair for every week you get the opportunity to listen to two Australasia’s driving property specialists rice hold away co-host of translocation area Australia on Nextel’s Lifestyle channel and Ben Kingsley

offer of property speculation experts of Australia and the and property venture counselor of the year I bean Kingsley here and yes with a voice that is steady with the climate down here in Melbourne so I lost my voice we recorded the podcast that you’re going to listen to yesterday with Karen from API so it’s an extraordinary podcast yet shockingly we’ve had a sound issue so don’t believe it’s on your end and the sound is really on a hour in so we do apologize for that yet we trust you appreciated this scene of the podcast okay thanks you’re on the property get weight behind you it looks . the property missing hi – you get out about the person we’re going on his one was it since i really purchased the edge was speculation and that is the thing that I was holding my head.

Presently coming to different assignments performed by a property valuation, the rundown is entirely enormous. However here are a couple of vital strides that are worth notice. Hotel of authoritative archive is a standout Property valuation costs the most essential errands of property valuation. Notwithstanding, before doing as such, he needs to set up the same, have it illuminated with the partners and guarantee that what is specified in the archive really coordinates on the ground.

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Other next is really a similar style okay see you can’t take one-and-a-half story is a very long before you get to your house or compared to a two store what a reporter story very confusing style or even a rash our house and then you might have a real rosette house colonial is there’s a there’s a whole you can’t compare yet apples to apples captain parallels larger but now so we are a couple things there the next thing.

is we ought to be as endeavor every week every crossing any major barriers so you know we have Koch they’re all like this are the hardware that’s our sure the railroad tracks more NASA Rorschach can’t cross you know you have here’s your app here’s the railroad tracks you have three calls up here what car here this one does not count label ones do they have to be in the same area yeah major street going here these two go together.

This one doesn’t see you can go across barriers western apparel to compare opposes one-way actual the holes on Avalon style compare all these little things here the second way this my Airways and I’m going to be one of the easiest way sis a visual approach okay so I will goon everlasting City Hall pictures into the new pictures those pictures of us with the house outpost yeah-oranges you can find out pretty quick if these holes counterfactual visual approach today is even better the other things like Google you going to post review as dead outside the home on the street protocol for A property valuer would definitely offer supreme valuation services, but apart from this, they can also assist efficiently in advising over finding, buying, marketing, selling and investing in residential or rural property of many shapes and sizes i.e. houses, flats, estates, farms in rural areas etc.

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Investments commercial-and that’s why I cited which peace who a if you are able to tell that should be your next goal stupid some the bigger bills no bills were passed come already got your the weather you know the market a belittlement time to take it to the next level you haven’t got your ability and greenhouse recent floods name getting started and shows smaller deals and and really work your way into it and we’ll get into more about play this game three-game I’m actually currently in development on hopefully be a little bit better but the you know son was in a bind small hills greenhouse work your way up to the Red radiotelephones.

knows text things wall provide passive income long-term on that site here what cancer well we’ve already mentioned everyone swell you know take it to the next level was wrinkled why are you investing rules there’s anybody ever asks a question before what is a u-turn and you make money that’s a good reason but it’s not really enough recent drive you to the next world actually you interested in actually investing in real estate okay the the truth of the matter is the only reason you wanna or else is make money you probably never heard see so many people are starving all the time say well I want own property style don’t know next to grow.

the next up is gonna mines unison the house to read you can get a house in in Utah furs laws and make that’s not a lot of money you can get into a house for Saks five thousand petrodollar Supreme Lord granite is five thousand dollars can be a significant investment for some people others or options units lying on like we did you Also factors like limited interests in the property viz. leaseholds, leased fee and undivided status also shape vineyard values. Topography, landscape and access are important too whereas zoning of the land also concludes whether the land is suitable to be used for a vineyard or not. The total value of the property determines the particular relevance of each associated component of the vineyard.

Property valuer while conducting Free Property Valuation of privileged vineyard properties considers the essential land value as a dominating factor. In the case of non-expensive lands, the vines and infrastructure claim a bigger consideration by percentage in an evaluation. The three basic valuation methods that are used by a valuer for vineyards are sales, cost and income.

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see you never done a deal before so I have a specific technique that I use that basically you could go ahead and put up a report on the property and within about seconds you would know exactly what you need to buy the property for what other investors are buying and exactly what it’s worth and what you have to do next on the phone with the seller

easy so once we get on the phone with Randell again with it if you do all right you don’t need to know anything about repairs nothing absolutely nothing you need to know what our roof cost what a bathroom need to know if they’re a bath with a bad for me to be the Pre Purchase Valuations property it doesn’t really matte rand and what we wanna do is wanna make offers right over the phone remember we’re not going to be visiting these people we’re gonna be doing this strictly over the phone and again keep in mind is very important

the sellers have per-qualified themselves by listening to you recorded message and then ask you to call them back so there’s no hard selling required on your part it out now once you find the O what do we do next because what happens is that once you find ides then you agree with the center to center says you know what out on when you’re so my property for fifty thousand dollars he say you know what missus dollar yes I’m okay with that all I think it’s a great deal for me I’ll go ahead and I want that I want the house to fifty thousand dollars now you not gonna send them any money what you gonna do if your gonna put together you gonna site you gonna about fill out might what I call my risk-free agreement and my wrist I have two agreements have one for the buyers undone for the seller’s so this other.

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Here sir good alright so what I introduced her mind I was actually just kinda asking him this before he is %uh he’s I think in a unique position in terms of who He is and what He the business of God I’m up here as Jeremiah tailor make your agent in make agents cut or these Terms that gets bandied about but Jeremiah so you currently Property for Sale team out of Tucson is that right that’s correct you that’s correct so tell me a little bit about your team is just give the folks that are here listen in today will be the background on you know what where did your team how long is it taking you to build the team.

Where’s your team at today absolutely so ice I started in this industry in as a as a residential mortgage loan processor and have just gonna work my way through the ranks to becoming an originator the type of the company I in or some other changes in the market that I decided to switch teams in search selling real estate full time.

I’m match you know when I joined Keller Williams tonight kinda started figuring it out and in next I saw houses last year we saw and sure were paced and for about I am so start the time to build the team it’s been about two and a half three years and the structure as a team which is a question I get often as we have cue fault I’m in the office administrator one does listings spires and its kinda art director first impression sand that we have to virtual assistants.

I that Matt one manages you know client care and data systems and then one does computer systems and then we have buyers agents with as buyers agents their handling you know all the internet we’d bit that we’re generating site called things like that so-structurally that’s how we’re kinda setup so with you know most the folks I think they’re joined us they’re probably not going to be team scenario but as you look at your role in the teamwork where do you see yourself to see ourselves that we make a person.